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Mental conditioning concepts on leadership, sales and negotiating that will program your mind to magically reach your objectives

The best kept secret in the world.

I am going to share with you a secret.  Many people don’t want you to know this secret because it is so powerful.  This secret has been used all through history by kings, presidents, religious leaders, big companies, TV shows, advertisers, politicians, parents, coaches and teachers.  It is also used by gang leaders, drug pushers, criminals, bullies, thieves and even the friends you hang out with.

This secret has stood the test of time. 

In one form or another, this secret been used since the beginning of mankind.  Many successful people have used this secret to reach their goals. Many people swear that the discovery of this secret is the single most important event in their lifetime.  Someday you, too, will realize what you are learning. 

“You can’t control me.” 

The truth is you are being controlled all the time.  Nearly every minute of the day you are being made to do things.  How?  By the words and pictures you allow people to put in your mind.

The repetition of positive or negative words and pictures day after day begins to affect you, for good or for bad.  And the computer in your mind begins to make you do the things that the words and pictures represent. The use of this secret is one of the oldest practices of civilization.

The Boy Scout Oath, the Girl Scout oath, the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, the prayers you are taught and the marriage vows are all forms of putting positive words and images in your mind.  These positive words make you do positive things.

Marketing companies who want you to buy things use words, pictures and TV commercials that make you want to buy things from them.

Politicians use words and pictures to make you want to vote for them.

Drug pushers use words and pictures to make you buy drugs and get high, and are making it harder and harder to stop using drugs.

Once these words and pictures are used to make you do things, and you continue to do them, you become controlled by your computer through HABIT. 

Once the habit becomes stronger and stronger it becomes very difficult to change.   Maybe someone can make you do things, and maybe they can’t.  But one thing is for certain.  You will “DO THINGS” and whether you end up a great success and the envy of all your friends, or you end up a loser living on the street, it will be because of the things YOU MADE YOURSELF DO WITH THE IMAGES AND WORDS YOU USED TO PROGRAM YOUR COMPUTER.

eBook only 1.99