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Set your timer for 60 minutes and GO! See how much you can save and how much extra revenue you can make in one hour!

 Here's a small sample of what's in this easy to read, content filled one-of-a-kind book...

This 134 page book or eBook  will save and make you thousands! .

~ Are you pouring money down the drain?
~ How to bring home more bacon!
~ Why deal with all that grease?
~ Chicken soup for the operator’s soul.
~ Have you ever used a “Tuna Stretcher?”
~ Size does matter - for a chicken!
~ Where's the beef? Your help gave it away!
~ You can’t make country ham in the city!

~ Change your work week and save big!
~ Put a dollar amount on your schedule and save.
~ How to increase your check size IMMEDIATELY.
~ Where's my profit? It went out the back door.
~ When a number 10 is not a number 10.
~ How can you recycle left over pizza?
~ What can you do with left over French toast?
~ What can you do with left over fish?
~ What can you do with left over cake?
~ Are you cooking your profits away?
~ Call it a “Belly Buster” and increase profits!

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Table of Contents

Start your timer 
Save on your labor cost IMMEDIATELY 
How to increase your check size IMMEDIATELY 
Five quick steps that will fix my finances 
Five Quick restaurant management concepts
Quick interviews with successful owners
Save $44,000 on your food cost right now
How to market your unique sizzle
Beef up your menu with better pricing
Get your staff MOTIVATED
A crash course in meat and seafood
How people decide where to eat out
Food safety

open a restaurant, restaurant marketing, buy a restaurant, start a restaurant, restaurant business plan, restaurant cooking, restaurant food, own a restaurant, restaurant recipes, restaurant course, restaurant ideas, meat and seafood

This manual was given the "acid test" with real restaurant operators who were having serious problems - and it passed with flying colors.

The manual, Restaurant Turnaround, was first designed as a seminar for restaurant operators. Before offering it in a manual I wanted to make sure it would pass the test in real life situations. I have presented it at food shows in various parts of the country with huge success and great feedback.

For example: A woman who was previously a United States District Judge, opened a restaurant and was having a difficult time making it work. After the Restaurant Turnaround seminar she said it was the most helpful information she has come across in all of the research she did prior to opening her business. She said that if she had this simple formula before starting her restaurant she would have saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Another restaurant owner in North Kansas was about to close her doors. She came to the food show and looked me up prior to my seminar. She was in tears as she said she was about to lose her restaurant due to declining sales and increasing costs. She asked for my help and we sat down together for about an hour. We went over the formula in the Restaurant Turnaround seminar and came up with a plan that not only gave her the ideas she needed to increase her customer count and check size, but also how to lower her rent, lower her food cost and lower her labor cost. She went back fully armed with the information and plan to turn her business around and start enjoying being a restaurant owner again.

Another restaurant in Kansas had two owners who attended the seminar. They were two of the restaurant's wait staff and recently bought the business. They didn't have any idea about how to run their newly bought restaurant and it was even more obvious by the questions they asked during the workshop. I told them they needed to stay after the seminar and get some additional help. In less than an hour (and a yellow pad full of notes) they felt fully confident about how to operate their business.

In Knoxville a restaurant owner drove 3 hours for the sole purpose of attending the seminar. He and I continued our conversation after the seminar and he said one of the ideas about scheduling alone will save him thousands of dollars a year and will return him 100 times the cost of the trip.

In Cleveland a restaurant owner attended the seminar and sent me the following email: "If people attended your seminar and took away just one of your many good ideas, they would make more money than any purchasing savings they might gain at the food show!"

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open a restaurant, restaurant marketing, buy a restaurant, start a restaurant, restaurant business plan, restaurant cooking, restaurant food, own a restaurant, restaurant recipes, restaurant course, restaurant ideas, meat and seafood

Here's more.....

How to cut your cost to the bone and begin increasing
your revenue starting within 60 minutes or less…

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 1:
An empty plate...

  • Many restaurant owners believe that low food cost is the key to their success, yet on a $10.00 menu item the cost to put out an empty plate without any food on it is more than $7.00. How can you better control those $7.00?

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 2:
Control labor cost...

  • There is a simple formula that will show you how to zero in on your labor cost and be able to maintain your cost at any percentage you want.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 3:
  A huge mistake...

  • After visiting several thousand restaurants nearly all of them made this huge mistake with some of the delivery drivers that ended up costing thousands of dollars year after year.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 4:
A clever idea...

  • A very clever idea a successful chain restaurant uses that could end up saving you thousands on your food cost.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 5:
How employees take cash...

  • Employee theft has always been a huge problem with independent restaurants, however, 80% of your losses come from only 5 employee theft techniques.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 6:
Cost of waste...

  • By using a certain example you can learn a new way of looking at the amount of money your shrink and waste actually costs you over the course of a year.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 7:
Portion control examples...

  • You are already talking to you about portion control , however, by reading these examples you will really know the facts.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 8:
No specials...

  • One restaurant operator in St Louis was so impressed with the concept of selling features that he said he was able to pay for a new condo he and his wife had purchased on the Gulf Coast.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 9:
Saved $44,272...

  • An example of how one small restaurant save $44,272 by applying five simple ideas that were so effective they completely turned the restaurant into a profitable operation.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 10:
Unethical competitors...

  • You need to know that there are some companies in our industry that are programming their computers to create an unfair profit and unfair selling advantage and it is costing YOU money.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 11:
27 segments...

  • There are 27 different end user segments in the industry and each one has special needs and requirements. Without this knowledge you may be competing with the wrong competitor.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 12:
A restaurant in Japan...

  • How one restaurant in Japan was able to drastically reduce the amount of time it took to turn their tables and triple their income.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 13:
A simple name change...

  • An example of how a restaurant made a simple name change and was able to attract hundreds of new customers and keep all their regular customers, after recovering from bankruptcy.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 14:
Signature item...

  • A restaurant in California was able to build a very successful restaurant by focusing their menu on a very unusual and unique signature item.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 15:
National fame...

  • How a restaurant in Texas was able to attract a huge amount of attention and bring in business from all over the country.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 16:
The entertainment business...

  • Recognizing that the restaurant business is also the entertainment business, a restaurant in Missouri was able to go from a small family operation to sales exceeding $15,000,000 in three locations.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 17:
Name change...

  • How a failed restaurant owner went broke, only to make a huge comeback using a highly unlikely reason for people to eat at his newly established concept.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 18:
Cut labor cost...

  • How an idea discovered in North Platte, Nebraska, was used by several restaurants and cut their labor cost in half!

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 19:
Sell more desserts...

  • A unique way of selling desserts that makes it not only appealing to the customer but extremely easy for the wait staff person to make the presentation.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 20:
Outsell the competition...

  • A steak house in a small town has been able to draw crowds of customers from the surrounding cities which have a lot of competition by using this clever marketing concept.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 21:
A unique delivery...

  • How a restaurant in Memphis is able to keep their restaurant full by using a little known secret that was able to get business from all the nearby campgrounds.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 22:
It takes more than money...

  • Why two huge restaurants, with unlimited resources, went out of business because they both made this common mistake that you could easily make.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 23:
Amazing promoter...

  • How the most famous and well known promoter in the entire history of the restaurant industry used a simple key to promote his successful chain of restaurants.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 24:
Marketing that works...

  • When you complain that business is down there are 26 marketing ideas that will immediately fill the dining room.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 25:
Inside marketing...

  • There are 19 things you can do inside your restaurant that will bring customers back again and again.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 26:
Business killing headlines...

  • A business-killing headline such as "Two Die From Eating Stuffed Ham In Local Deli" or "Party of 20 Get Sick Eating Roast Beef" will put you out of business in a heartbeat - you must know the single cause of all food-borne illness and how to avoid it. Print this section and have every employee read and sign it.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 27:
Buffet cost...

  • How restaurants with a buffet and a menu can figure the exact cost of each customer who eats from the buffet.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 28:
Left over food...

  • How customers can turn left-over food such as French toast, fish, baked desserts, and pizza, into profit making menu items.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 29:
Double the menu size...

  • How one simple concept can double the size of your menu while adding only a few additional inventory items.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 30:
Menu pricing...

  • Which of the five methods of menu pricing are the most effective and which of the five methods should you be using.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 31:
Pricing strategy...

  • By using a special pricing strategy a restaurant in Northern Maine was able to keep steady customers during the slow winter months.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 32:
Time limit...

  • What is the maximum length of time it should take to prepare and serve a menu item?

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 33:
Biggest mistakes...

  • What is one of the biggest menu mistakes a restaurant manager allows to happen when hiring a new chef?

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 34:
Menu design...

  • Many restaurant owners overlook this simple concept with their menu and upset an unbelievable number of customers who never complain, but never come back.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 35:
New menu items...

  • Customer surveys reveal that a certain percentage of the menu should never change while a certain percentage should constantly be changing.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 36:
An important ingredient...

  • Leave this important and interesting fact off the menu and you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 37:

  • The menu also doubles as a sales presentation and by using this powerful theory of menu design, the sales message will be twice as powerful.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 38:
Incentive programs...

  • Why nearly all of the employee motivation and incentive programs that are used by restaurant owners fail to produce any results and how you can help them make the necessary changes.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 39:
Only four reasons... 

  • There are only four basic reasons why people eat out and knowing what they are puts you in a position to position yourself in your unique market.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 40:
Only three reasons...

  • There are only three reasons people use to base their decision about where to eat out and knowing this will help you know where to focus your marketing.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 41:
Common denominator...

  • After visiting 3,759 restaurants there is only one common denominator that the successful ones had in common.

Reataurant Turnaround Strategy 42:
Success stories...

  • The success stories of 13 chain restaurants and what they all have in common that you can use to build your business.

open a restaurant, restaurant marketing, buy a restaurant, start a restaurant, restaurant business plan, restaurant cooking, restaurant food, own a restaurant, restaurant recipes, restaurant course, restaurant ideas, meat and seafood

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