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What does FSD Marketing do? 

FSD Marketing, Inc. gives Food Service Distributors access to a very specific sales and marketing program exclusive in your marketing area.   The program is currently being used successfully by several distributors throughout the country.

Here's what FSD Marketing will do for your company:

1.  Create a synergy between sales and marketing that can as much as double your current active customer base and have your sales people eager to make more calls.

2. Give your sales people exactly what they need to open more new accounts and close more sales.

3.  Interview your customers and get feedback and testimonials in a way that will make them want to praise and promote your company.

4.  Provide articles and information for your customers that will demonstrate how interested you really are in their success.

5. Design, organize and print a presentation of your company that will highlight your benefits in a way that will make customers want to buy from you.

6.  Work within your current marketing budget, help you get a better return and provide better proof of performance for your vendors.

7.  Regain control of your sales team and make them more accountable in a way that will motivate them to willingly expand their market.

8. Provide a private label website for you filled with center of the plate information for your sales team and customers.

9. Correct these mistakes your sales team may be making: 
~ Believing that customers are not buying.
~ Not using marketing materials effectively.
~ Not making enough customer contacts.
~ Not presenting a full line of products.
~ No sense of urgency for increasing sales.
~ Not properly presenting your company.
~ Not presenting new products and ideas.
~ Not moving out of their “comfort” zone.
~ No specific, measurable sales plan.
~ Not improving product knowledge.

Here's what current participants are saying: 

"What Bob Oros has presented is the most amazing program for growing my business I have seen in my 25 years of owning a distribution business."

"Marketing our company, highlighting our customers, educating our customers on our products and how to improve their businesses are all having a significant impact on our company’s performance."

If you have questions or would like to investigate the program further, please contact me for morer details.   

Bob Oros, President and Founder
FSD Marketing, Inc

If you are a sales manager, marketing manager or general manager willing to step out of the comfort zone and take a step into the future, the FSD Marketing program will generate the sales and profits you know are possible, but just out of reach.  This is a very limited program and only available in certain geographic areas.

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